Often when talking with clients and/or prospects, we are asked the same question:  What makes MMG different?  We have spent a lot of time talking about this internally and at the end of the discussion it always comes back to one thing…TRUST. 


Like any relationship, trust must be earned.  Some relationships enable trust to be built over an extended period of time.  Others require trust to be formed rather quickly.  How do you establish trust in a short amount of time?  At MMG, we pride ourselves on listening first and responding with candor.  Our experience has shown that nonprofit organizations are tired of being sold something, especially when it relates to technology.  More than anything, nonprofits want someone who will listen to their needs, desires, and challenges, and then help them recognize the possibilities and the effort required to achieve these possibilities.  True openness and honesty provides a refreshing experience for many clients and prospects and establishes a relationship based on a shared perspective.  That said, listening and responding with candor cannot build trust without a genuine desire to serve.  Mission Matters Group does not view our client partnerships as a transactional engagement.  Our mission is to help make the world a better place.  Our compass points to the goal of giving nonprofits time and resources to increase their impact.  When a client feels this in the way we communicate, create solutions, and guide them, the feeling of trust begins to take shape.  It is truly a beautiful experience and something that we are very passionate about.  This recent quote from an Executive Director at a new client demonstrates this very well: 


“You took the time to get to know us and didn’t pretend like you had all the answers when you walked in the door.  You listened first and asked questions that made us think.  You didn’t speak in tech terms that we couldn’t understand, and you seemed to just care about helping us.” 


Lasting relationships must be built on a foundation of trust.  At MMG, we live this through our Core Values. We will never stop doing what we believe is right for our clients, so we can truly help make this world a better place.