We unlock the potential of your organization by ensuring three foundational pillars are in place: A clear and compelling vision, an operating system consisting of tools, resources and rhythms that ensure you gain momentum, and deeply engaged people who are living into their purpose and actively working to nurture a healthy and thriving work culture.

VISION and Strategic Planning

We work with your team to create a clear and compelling vision that is known to everyone and easily understood.

Integration and Technology

We equip you with the tools and systems needed to make progress towards your long-term vision

Leadership and Healthy TEAMS

We create customized leadership development plans resulting in engaged teams and improved organizational health.

Where are we going?

In order to get everyone rowing in the same direction, we work with leadership teams to crystallize their vision. In an ever changing world, detailed 5 year plans aren’t necessary, but being directionally aligned is still critical. When everyone understands where you are headed, the day-to-day work is much more likely to align, resulting in huge strides towards your vision.

  • How do we imagine we will change the world
  • What does our 3-year picture look like?
  • Who are we trying to reach?
  • How do we define success?



    We work alongside your team to create a clear and compelling vision that is known to everyone and easily understood.

    The Compass Playbook

    Get clarity on where your organization is going.

    How will we get there?

    All too often organizations invest in developing their vision and strategic plans but then stop there. The next step or how the plan will be executed is unclear and few people understand how the vision will be achieved. Having a great operating system that includes the tools and rhythms to execute the plan is just as critical as having a plan.


    • What org structure and key roles are needed to fulfill the vision?
    • How can we measure progress of our 3-5 year objectives annually and quarterly?
    • What metrics should we be tracking to measure progress?
    • What meeting cadence and structure should we adopt to help us stay on track and identify key issues along the way?
    • What are the technology strategy and tools that will accelerate our vision?

    Operating System and Technology tools to Gain Momentum

    Our team architects and implements tools and systems to help your organization gain momentum.

    How do we unlock the potential of our people?

    Even with great plans and operating systems, it still takes highly engaged people who realize their unique potential to catalyze impact. We focus on individual and team develop plans to help improve trust and communication. With improved organizational health organizations get closer to unlocking the potential of their teams. When that potential is unlocked, impact will become rapidly accelerated.


    • How can each leader better understand their own style and tendencies?
    • How can we create a liberating culture build on trust and empowerment?
    • How can we unlock the potential of every person in your organization?
    • What will it take to deepen trust and improve communication?

    Leadership AND Healthy TEAMS

    We develop customized plans to engage and strengthen your team, resulting in improved trust, communication and overall organizational health

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