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Imagine if everyone in your organization understood the vision, how to get there, and their unique role in contributing towards it.

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Strategic Planning 

Strategic plans don’t have to sit on a shelf.  Great visions and plans need an operating system so they can be achieved.  Otherwise, you just have a season of intense planning that results in a mountain-top experience that quickly dissipates as soon as the planning phase is complete.  When teams embrace shared tools and rhythms to execute their plan, it can make all the difference.  Our Strategic planning process involves two core components- 1. Creating an Organizational Compass- a simple identity and strategic guide that ensures everyone is aligned directionally with a clear understanding of the vision and desired measurable impact.  2. Adoption of an operating system to ensure that progress of the vision and measurable impact can be monitored and adjusted quarter over quarter and year over year. 

    The Compass Playbook

    Get clarity on where your organization is going.

    Leadership Development

    We unleash the potential of teams by developing liberating leaders.  Even with a clear and compelling vision, it still takes engaged teams and healthy cultures to make the vision a reality.  We equip leaders to fight for the highest possible good of everyone in their organization.  We teach leaders to balance support and challenge in order to create liberating cultures.  We develop leaders and strengthen teams by leveraging the following resources and tools:

    • Giant Invincibility Assessments – We start with a baseline assessment to understand how strong teams are in the following areas:  alignment, execution, communication, relationships and capacity.  Based on their scores, we develop custom plans to drive improvement
    • The 5 Voices- We help people understand their natural leadership voice and tendencies so they can transform their team communication and better understand their unique ability.
    • Culture and Identity Building- We lead board and staff retreats to develop mission statements and core values, resulting in simple one-page Identity Playbooks.

      Strategic Integration

      Organizations consistently report issues with clarity, engagement, focus, and execution. They often struggle to align around a shared vision and strategic plan.  Even when they do have a clear vision, rarely do they have the systems and tools to successfully implement it. Our Organizational Operating System (Org OS) includes adopting a shared set of tenets and implementing simple rhythms and essential tools.. We walk organizations through a process that helps strengthen each of the following competencies:

      • Clarity in Identity. The mission, vision, values, and desired outcomes are clearly defined. 
      • Focus. Priorities are defined and valued.
      • Discipline. Systems are in place to enable consistency. 
      • Agility. Systems are in place to enable responsiveness. 
      • Engagement. People are motivated and feel empowered.
      • Leadership. All employees embrace the tenets of great leadership.
      • Learning. A culture of continuous learning and improvement. 

      Develop and Implement an Agile Strategic Plan.

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