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There are all kinds of consultants who can build you a technology solution.There are few that can ensure all of your tools and processes are completely aligned to your mission. We will work hand and hand with you to select and implement the right tools and processes to drive the most significant impact.

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Our Discovery service is often where our partnership begins. During this process, we get to know the ins and outs of your organization, from your strengths and weaknesses, to your people and culture, to what’s holding your nonprofit back. Because everything we do is anchored in your purpose, our Discovery service allows us to understand your organization’s information management needs. 

Based on those needs, we formulate a strategy to align people, process and technology to your mission — all driving towards a more efficient organization. Our goal is to help you understand and articulate your impact, supported by data. As we explore a “day in the life” of your organization, we become equipped to develop information management solutions to help with what matters most to you.

System Implementations

Our implementation services focus on delivering the functionality that’s most impactful for your organization. We specialize in implementing on Salesforce, Blackbaud products, and CaseWorthy, as well as integrating best in class applications on other systems. No matter the platform or application, our mission focused approach empowers our clients with a 360-degree view of constituents, complete and comprehensive case files, insights into fundraising activities, volunteer engagement, outcome tracking and real time access to reports and data from anywhere. Our nonprofit and technology experience, coupled with our platform expertise, means we can implement a solution to meet all your organization’s information management needs.

Ongoing Support

When you need help with your existing Salesforce system, MMG is here to partner with you. We created our Support service with busy nonprofit professionals in mind, so you can manage your systems in a way that’s both strategic and cost-effective. We can serve you with:

  • Report building / modifications
  • Minor functionality enhancements desired for existing objects
  • Workflow troubleshooting
  • Page layout adjustments
  • Security Profile adjustments
  • Ongoing training for professional development or on-boarding

 When your technology is streamlined, your nonprofit is at its best. That’s why everyone on your MMG team is driven to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. And when things don’t? You’ll be surprised at the lengths we’ll go to make things right. Your MMG support team can fix, tweak, customize and provide training to empower your team to learn and grow. We’ll take care of the technology so you can take care of your constituents. Service is our calling and that’s why we approach everything we do through the lens of your mission.

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