Nonprofit strategists, technology therapists, and executive lifelines centering mission and people.

Our Core Values

GOD Given Purpose

Our calling is at the core of everything we do.


We treasure family and serve others with heartfelt intention.

Relentless Mental DISCIPLINE

We solve problems with creativity, dedication, and diligence.


We work passionately and courageously.


Our heart for communities never wavers.

Our Team

Service is our calling and that’s how we approach organizatIonal health solutions and technology solutions — with our eyes on your purpose. The team of experts at Mission Matters Group put our strong expertise to work for your organization.

Josh Aranda


My parents taught me that if you approach things with love and compassion, you can make anything.

Christy Sodemann

HR Director

Helping others and building relationships drives my professional passion.

Madeline Schlapprizzi

Solutions Consultant

Helping people is a driving force behind what I do.

Jason Ott

VP of Tech Solutions

Problem solving is one of my biggest professional passions

Gretchen Pettet

VP of Talent, Culture and Communications

I am humbled to be part of such important work.

Eric Kong

Senior Solutions Architect

I know that the solutions that I’m part of creating allows others to focus more on providing services that they are passionate about.

Joe Olwig

VP of Operations

At MMG, our passion is to help people. It’s about improving the quality of life for all people. 

Amy Noland

Technical Project Manager

I love to jump in an help with anything that comes up. There are so many opportunities to give.

Shaun Lee

VP of Organizational Solutions

I’ve come to believe that nothing matters more than connecting with the people that are right in front of me.

Chuck Aranda


What we do here is not about the technology. It’s about a shared purpose.

Dorian Williams

I am passionate helping organizations understand how elevating the importance of diversity and equity can help them have an even greater impact.



Pouring deeply into our relationships


Unrelenting drive to create impact


Connecting expertise in nonprofits, strategy, and technology

From Josh Aranda

What Matters Most

We believe communities thrive because of driven nonprofits and passionate people. Everything we do is driven by your purpose. We serve with heart, work with transparency, and implement with intentionality. At Mission Matters Group, we’re proud of the work we’re doing and the solutions we implement. But more than anything, we’re proud of the nonprofits we serve and the missions we help advance.

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