Leveraging Technology.
Anchored In Purpose.

We believe in the promise of nonprofits and the passion of people to transform communities. We help harness the power of technology to maximize your impact.


Your mission is at the heart of everything we do.
Get to know the services we offer and how we can help.
We'll help you understand the power of Information Management.
We work alongside your leadership team to develop a clear vision and the plan to bring it down to the ground, all with the goal of accelerating your mission.
Our implementation services focus on delivering the functionality that's most impactful for your organization and meets all your information management needs.
A monthly subscription that provides a cost-effective way to solve critical information management, strategy or organizational health problems your org is experiencing.
As your partner, working hard to support you is more than our job, it's our mission.

Case Study

The Community Council of St. Charles County

We developed and implemented a customized Salesforce solution, enabling the Community Council to have a 360 degree view of their constituents and streamline member engagement. “MMG took the time to educate our staff the use of techn...


MMG supports you with tools to maximize your impact,
and we'll help you tell your story in ways that matter.
We care for our clients with a servant heart, driving toward their purpose every step of the way.
We combine social service experience with technological know-how, helping organizations formulate information system strategies that are holistic yet within reach.
Everything we design starts with mission, furthering your cause and fostering community impact.
MMG is not trying to 'sell' you the product they want you to have, but rather help you identify and build the product you need.

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