My intention in creating personal OKRs for 2021 is to learn from the areas where I felt less peace in 2020 and commit to changes that will positively impact my overall feeling of peace and fulfillment throughout the 2021.  As I created these, I noticed three themes emerging: to give without expectation, to love more boldly and to be more present with my family and friends.  If I’m being honest, it’s easy for me to set career goals.  When I set those for the last objective it took less than a minute.  I had to really pause and pray over the objectives that focused on my wife, kids and my own overall health, but I’m so glad I did. Drafting these and sharing them with my wife and kids has opened up some powerful conversations that would have otherwise been undiscovered.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a powerful framework that we have used with several of our clients at Mission Matters Group (MMG).  One of the reasons they work so well is because they combine aspirational goals with the results that define success. In mission driven work, its critical to move beyond aspiration, and the same is certainly true in our own lives. So, rather than just setting goals this year, I thought I would apply this framework to my personal life.  After all, if this type of rigor matters professionally, it certainly should where the stakes are even higher, right? 

For OKR purists, there is a mix of key results (KRs) and key activities (KAs) here – I used the framework as a guide to serve the greater purpose of the exercise.  For example, a KA would be working out 5 days a week, but a KR might be losing weight, inches or improved blood pressure.  In some cases, the activity or experience was just as meaningful as the result, and that is why I included key activities. Working out is a good example of this.  I know from experience that committing to a regular schedule is more important than focusing on weight loss.  Let the tool drive the purpose and not the other way around.  The question to answer is, if I achieve these KRs and KAs will I have completed the objective?

If this type of rigor matters professionally, it certainly should where the stakes are higher, right?

Themes for 2021

  1. To give with no expectations
  2. To love more boldly
  3. To be more present

Objective 1: To strengthen my marriage as evidenced by (KRs and KAs):

  • Go on at least two date nights per month
  • Take a trip with just the two of us for at least 5 nights
  • Have an intentional monthly conversation about how we are doing loving each other in the way we want to be loved
  • Read and discuss at least two books together
  • Dance together at least once a month

Objective 2: To help my kids understand who they are meant to be as evidenced by:

  • Take a one-on-one walk with each kid once per week
  • Take each kid out on a date or adventure night/day once per month
  • Instill the habit of daily quiet time with our 8- and 11-year-old
  • Each kid completes one team sport season
  • Each kid completes at least 2 months of learning to play a musical instrument.

Objective 3: To improve my health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) as evidenced by:

  • Physical:
    • Successfully complete Whole 30 twice
    • Average 5 or more workouts/ week including a 50% split of running and HIIT workouts over the course of the year.
    • Run a full marathon
  • Mental/Emotional:
    • Volunteer at least 26 hours
    • To listen to as much great music as possible evidenced by
      • Buying at least 2 vinyl albums/ month
      • Making and sharing a new mix every month
      • Going to at least 6 live music events (if the world opens back up)
    • Take a hiking trip to the mountains
    • Take a trip to the beach
    • Read at least 12 books
    • Not being on my phone between the hours of 6:00-8:00pm
  • Spiritual:
    • Meet with other guys around a fire every other week- aimed at supporting and encouraging each other in our identity, purpose, and faith
    • Start my day by reading the bible and praying for 15 minutes at least 5 days/ week
    • Donate monthly to our church and at least two other nonprofits
    • Journal while praying at least 2 days/ week

Objective 4: To equip mission-driven leaders to achieve their vision as evidenced by:

  • Write and release 2 free playbooks related to strategy, performance improvement or organizational health
  • Record at least 20 videos in the subjects of strategy, performance improvement, organizational health or leadership development
  • Write at least 12 blog pieces
  • Contribute as a guest on at least 6 podcasts
  • Achieve 50% revenue growth at MMG
  • Double the number of clients we work with at MMG