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At Mission Matters Group, we’re proud of the work we’re doing and the technology we implement. But more than anything, we’re proud of the nonprofits we serve and the missions we help advance. Explore how we’ve helped our partners strengthen their communities.
It is clear, from the very beginning, that MMG is not trying to 'sell' you the product they want you to have, but rather help you identify and build the product you need. There is a great deal of transparency behind their planning, building and billing that empowers the customer to know where the project is and where it is heading at any point in time.

Our Lady’s Inn

Track and Analyze Outcomes Data

Meet Our Lady’s Inn: For 35 years, Our Lady’s Inn has offered shelter and wraparound services fo

Community Council of St. Charles County

Aggregate Data

Meet the Community Council of St. Charles County: The Community Council’s mission is to be the

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