The Nonprofit Operating System Cohort

The Nonprofit Operating System (NPOS) cohort program equips teams with the organizational tools, rhythms and mindsets needed to effectively operationalize their vision and strategic plan. Designed by nonprofit leaders for nonprofit organizations, the NPOS empowers teams to execute with focus, agility, discipline, and alignment.

Can You Relate?

The Nonprofit Operating System Cohort may be for you if you relate to more than one of these statements:

“Our big vision seems unachievable and overwhelming because we don’t have a way to break it down into smaller pieces.”

“We have insufficient resources/Capacity to fulfill our aspirations.”

“When it comes to major strategic objectives, its unclear who is accountable to drive them to completion.”

“When it comes to creating and implementing our strategic plan, Integration and alignment with the Board is not well defined.”

“Historically, our approach to strategic planning has been ineffective.”

“Our team is working harder than ever, yet not making progress towards achieving our vision.”

“Our work feels unsustainable. Our team will burnout if we continue like this.”

“Our team lacks alignment in our core identity- mission, theory of impact, core metrics, beliefs.”

“We are slow to adapt and not responsive enough to changes.”

“When considering the many projects and activities we could take on, we struggle to prioritize the few essentials that matter most.”

You would never purchase a laptop without an OS. Why think differently about your Strategic Plan?

Cohort Format and Resources

2 Cohorts in 1

Leadership Teams + Navigators. Within every team, we provide deeper training to one key leader, a navigator, to ensure sustainability and success.

Playbooks and Supporting Materials

“How to” workbooks, templates and supporting materials that walk teams through each step, so they can revisit lessons and share with other departments in their organization.

Live and Recorded Sessions

Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning and Development Modules.Teams will be able to participate in live sessions as well as recorded sessions as its more convenient for their teams

Iterative Development

As we teach each core lesson, teams will be developing and practicing in real-time.  We encourage iteration loops, in which teams improve upon drafts until they have a Compass, annual plan, scorecards and more that they are proud of.

Leader Community

One of the biggest strengths of the cohort is that you will be learning from peers through the entire program.  Learn how peer teams are implementing each tool.  Share whats working and what could be going better, all in the spirit of collaboration and continuous improvement

MMG Consultant Access

Access to real-time support with MMG OS Consultants, throughout the entire year.  Our team is available to provide support in real-time as you implement each tool and new rhythm.

The world is only getting more complex and uncertain.  Mission Driven Organizations need a new Operating System


Lasting impact requires an investment in people, strategy, and sustainable solutions.


Through an iterative development process, you will recharge your organization’s identity, direction, and strategy with the development of an Organizational Compass.


During cohort intersessions, your team will reflect on current practices and build the skills required to run the organization with discipline, agility, and focus.

The NPOS Cohort combines the Navigator Certification program with the NPOS Bootcamp – resulting in leadership teams who are trained and prepared to implement your strategic plan and organizational operating system.

With a Certified Navigator, your organization will take the first step towards equipping an internal leader to steer the development and implementation of your organization’s strategy and organizational operating system in perpetuity.

Cohort Calendar (Q1 – Q4, 2022)


Navigator Kickoff + Leadership Team Bootcamp

Overview of the Nonprofit OS + Introduction to the Compass 

Sprint 1

Navigator Training + Compass Refinement

1-year Goals, quarterly Rocks + Finalize Compass

Sprint 2

Navigator Training + OS Essentials

Begin Defining Tenets, Vitals and implement essential Rhythms and tools

Sprint 3

NPOS Implementation OS Tool Training

Core Meetings, scorecards, agreements and more

Sprint 4

The Practice

Develop managers into leaders as they learn to coach their team members, deepen their ability to listen, better understand their own tendencies and commit to a growth mindset.

Sprint 5

Master the Quarterly Cycle

Navigator Training, Q2 Priority Review, Vitals Monitoring, Setting Q3 Priorities

Sprint 6

Master the Annual Cycle

Annual Processes and Review: 2022 Retrospective + 2023 Goal-Setting

Cohort Close

Intentional Reflection and Action Planning

Build your Capacity to

expand your Impact


Through training Navigators to run the NPOS, the organization is ensuring strategic thinking and quality assurance exists throughout the organization.


Implementing the tools and rhythms needed to make progress towards the vision ensures that the time and $ spent to create them was a good investment.


By slowing down to develop and align on your unique internal language and systems, you can go fast when needed. Considering the NPOS will define the way your organization works, there may be no greater investment.

By going through the program with peers, your organization will learn from what’s working and not working with their peers, as well as be able to source support and ideas to drive improvement and learning.

Distills Vision, Priorities, Metrics and more into tools that are easy to share and align your entire organization on.

“I found myself lacking a common language that could help my team move from point A to point B.  The tools and rhythms we have learned to implement with the help of MMG are driving cohesion with our team and helping us materialize the action steps needed to move us through our strategic plan.”

Evita Morin, CEO of Rise Recovery


Organizational Health Assessment Results and Insight

Understand baseline organizational health and the progress your team makes over the course of the cohort

Organizational Compass

Beliefs, Mission, Outcomes, Values, Theory of Impact, Vision (OKRs), Focus (annual goals)

Leadership Development

  1. 5-Voices
  2. One on One Framework
  3. Embracing Essential Leadership and Growth Mindsets

2022 and 2023 Annual Plan

Focused Goals for both 2022 and 2023 that get you closer to achieving your 3-5 year vision

Operating Program

  1. Operating Tenets
  2. Operating Agreements
  3. Core Rhythms
  4. Core NPOS Tools

Tool Training

  1. Rocks
  2. Sprinting
  3. Scorecards
  4. Core Meetings
  5. Quarterly Retrospective and Prioritization
  6. And more

Meet With Us To Learn More

Meet with one of our consultants and learn more about whether your organization is a good fit for the 2022 Cohort. Early Bird Pricing starts at $14,000. When considering the cost to create and implement a strategic plan, this is less than half the cost of a typical engagement with our clients.