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The Problem:  Staff leadership are left to make critical decisions and pivots with little insight into their data.  When big decisions are made without access to data, it can waste valuable time and resources pursuing a wrong path and potentially take the organization off course. Similarly board members and funders struggle to understand the ROI of their time and financial investments due to a lack of insight into programmatic outcomes. Without their buy-in and excitement, nonprofits can face sustainability risks and trust can begin to erode with staff leadership.

Our Solution: The Measure your Mission program equips nonprofits with the tools to demonstrate their impact and engage key stakeholders in the continuous performance improvement cycle. The program consists of education workshops, immersive peer learning groups and ongoing leadership coaching and support

Alignment and Conviction

  • Define a Theory of Change
  • Set Change the World Targets
  • Refine Organizational Beliefs
  • Select core Outcomes and Outputs

Focus and Clarity

  • Set Programmatic, Operational, and Organizational Priorities
  • Define Annual Objectives and Key Results
  • Set Quarterly Rocks and Initiatives

Discipline and Execution

  • Weekly Scorecard
  • Pulse-checks
  • Monthly Outcome Reviews
  • Quarterly Performance Cycles
  • Simple web-based platform to track and review all your key metrics

Core Deliverables

Mission Blueprint

Annual and Quarterly OKRs

Weekly and Monthly Scorecards

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