Technical Lead


We believe communities thrive because of driven nonprofits and passionate people. Everything we do is driven by purpose. We develop with heart, work with transparency, and deploy with intentionality. We formulate organizational and information technology strategies, employing our social service and systems expertise to strengthen nonprofits. Service is our calling and that’s how our team approaches strategy. We are proud of the solutions we implement, but more than anything we are proud to serve our amazing nonprofit clients and their missions.


As a Technical Lead, you will be responsible for designing and building easy-to-use, scalable solutions for MMG’s nonprofit clients. You will use platforms such as Salesforce to engineer solutions that support mission, empower staff and equip nonprofit leaders with data to demonstrate the impact they are having.

Your Day to Day:

  • As a completely virtual company, your daily commute won’t be long. You will be responsible for ensuring that you work in an environment that is most beneficial to you, be it at a home office or favorite coffee shop.
  • You will have daily 15-minute standups with your project team to collaborate on the work that you will do for our nonprofit clients
  • You will lead your technical team in human-centered design sessions, troubleshooting technical problems or researching third-party applications.
  • You will be responsible for making the final decisions on the technical approach your team will take.
  • You will be responsible for managing your day to ensure you have focused time to do things such as building high quality features on Salesforce, creating or updating solution documentation, breaking down technical requirements into user stories or drafting wireframes to mock up design ideas.
  • You will facilitate feature owner meetings with the client to make sure your technical team has the insight they need to translate business requirements to technical features.
  • During a sprint, you could be performing final QA of the features your team built, finalizing testing documentation, updating feature documentation, or deploying client approved features to production. You should feel proud of the work that the team is doing.
  • You will train our clients’ super users so that they are equipped to use and manage all the features you and your technical team have built for them.
  • You will have part of your week dedicated to collaborating with your teammates on internal initiatives that focus on continuous improvement. This will be refining process, working on best practices or goal setting.



You are service oriented. You are searching for an environment where you can leverage your skill set to contribute to a greater good.


You are passionate. You care about a cause and believe that when a bunch of like-minded people work together, they truly can change the world.


You are a technologist or love seeing how technology can support others in having more impact. You have years of experience with Salesforce and other technologies and want to apply it to the nonprofit space.


You are a lifelong learner. You ask questions and seek to truly understand. You develop your skill set based on professional needs and personal interests. Your desire to learn is driven by a commitment to constantly grow.



You like thinking outside of the box, or even believe there is no box to think outside of. You want to join a team of creative problem solvers.


You think trust is a cornerstone to healthy relationships and partnerships. You want to join an organization that puts an extreme focus on being a tightknit, trusting team because healthy teams can make a big impact.


At MMG we strive to build a culture… not just a business. Your teammates strive to make MMG an awesome place to work.

Here is what you can expect from the team:


  • Commitment to living our core values
  • Having open and transparent dialogue
  • Looking at everything through the lens of mission
  • Honoring our families with balanced work lives


  • Travel 10-15% of your time
  • Scheduled team retrospectives coupled with a commitment to continuous improvement
  • Learning and cross training opportunities
  • Striving to align skill sets to people’s passion


  • Employer-sponsored family health coverage including dental and vision
  • Paid time off
  • Paid paternity and maternity leave
  • 401k plan
  • Flexible work environment