Role at MMG: VP of Organizational Solutions

Shaun’s professional passion: Helping people work in their unique ability.

I also love to help organizations embrace systems and structure for the purpose of finding margin and health in their work and life in general.

What drew Shaun to MMG: I love the mission and the values of the company. As someone who spent a lot of years working in nonprofits, I can verify that most are not using technology to its full advantage. There is an incredible opportunity to help change the world, by supporting and equipping organizations that are on the front lines.

Favorite part of his role: My favorite part of my job is coming alongside a visionary leader and helping them to create a plan to make their vision a reality.

What drives Shaun: I’m driven by the potential to help people embrace tools and systems that give them the ability to connect in a deeper and more meaningful way.

I’ve come to believe that nothing matters more than connecting with the people that are right in front of us… the ones in our lives RIGHT now.

Education and career highlights: I have a BSW and MSW from University of Missouri, St. Louis and an MBA from University of Texas-San Antonio. I founded Truckin’ Tomato in 2013. I sold that business in 2018 and spent the next year leading its merge with Farmhouse Delivery. Since the inception of Farmhouse and Truckin’ Tomato, we developed one of the largest and most sophisticated local food eco-systems in the country. We made it easy for retail and wholesale customers to put their value of buying local into action.

Before joining founding Truckin’ Tomato, I served as Chief Operating Officer at Haven for Hope, the largest homeless services campus in the US for 6 years. I was a member of the founding team that created the initial vision and strategy for Haven for Hope. Before joining Haven for Hope, I served for 5 years at the largest homeless service center in Missouri, St. Patrick Center.

Family: I’ve been married to my wife DeeDee since 2006. We have 3 children together, Georgia, Eli and Estella.

Outside MMG: I love to go hiking, fishing, running, cooking, traveling and discovering new music.

Hidden talent: I used to play in several bands as a singer and bass player. Its been over a decade since I played my last band, so not a lot of people know that about me!

A cause he loves: I’m deeply passionate about racial and economic injustice.