Role at MMG: Solutions Consultant

Madeline’s professional passion: “Serving nonprofits makes my work meaningful,” Madeline says.

Working with our clients makes me believe that we are actually improving lives as an end result.

What drew Madeline to MMG: Madeline has been close friends with Josh Aranda and his wife, Laura, since college. They’ve stayed in touch ever since and Madeline was excited to join the team. “I enjoy the work we do, I enjoy working with my team and I enjoy working with our clients.”

Favorite part of her role: For Madeline, it’s all about building solutions. “The best part of my job is problem solving and critical thinking.”

What drives Madeline to serve nonprofits:

Helping people is a driving force behind what I do. I feel like I can help my teammates every day and, in turn, I know the end result will help our clients.

“The even better part is that helping our clients allows them to further serve in their mission.”

Education and career highlights: Madeline earned both her bachelor’s degree and MBA from St. Louis University. Her background includes coaching, education, technology support and more.

Family: Madeline, her husband, and their two sons live in St. Louis. “We hope someday to have a big family,” she says. A Cincinnati native, Madeline and her family travel frequently to Ohio — “to keep the grandparents happy!” she smiles.

Outside MMG: With her family, Madeline enjoys taking walks, visiting local shops and cooking delicious meals with her husband, whose hidden talents are his skills in the kitchen.

Hidden talent: Madeline can play the piano. She took lessons when she was young and can still whip out a few favorites — ‘Canon in D,’ ‘Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring’ and her personal favorite: Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On.’

A cause Madeline loves: Working with women’s shelters is particularly important and meaningful to Madeline.