Role at MMG: VP of Tech Solutions

Jason’s professional passion: “Problem solving is one of my biggest professional passions,” Jason says. “In my first few months at MMG, I realized we were solving problems that really mattered and made a difference. Unanimously, our clients share the goal of wanting to spend more time with the people they serve, and those are the types of problems I want to solve.”

What drew Jason to MMG: Jason was drawn to the idea of working for a growing company that makes a difference.

There are very few industries that need the specific kind of technical help that we offer, and that really sealed the deal.

Favorite part of his role: “It’s the team, hands down,” Jason says.

I’ve never experienced a team like MMG, and every person here goes to bat for anybody else in an instant.

What drives Jason to serve nonprofits: Jason has seen nonprofits without a dedicated IT team, and observed first-hand how great technology strategy can take them to new heights. “It’s incredibly powerful to give an organization a voice in an area that they don’t know well, or don’t have the resources to do on their own.”

Education and career highlights: Jason earned degrees in both Applications of Computing and Sociology from Princeton University. His past experiences include business analysis at a venture capital firm, as well as a technical project and product management for a consumer loyalty marketing company.

Family: Jason and his wife, Margaret, live in St.  Louis.  As the youngest of six children in his family, he’s taken on the official title of “the cool uncle,” and loves spending time with his 15 nieces and nephews.

Outside MMG: “If it’s a sport, game or anything competitive, I am interested,” Jason says. He was a wrestler in college and enjoys coaching on occasion, and plays baseball every summer.

Hidden talent: Jason has one not-so-hidden talent when it comes to his colleagues — aggravating Founder Chuck Aranda (always with a smile, of course)!

A cause Jason loves: Two are close to his heart — St. Louis Crisis Nursery, where he serves on the Young Professionals Board, and the St. Louis Jesuit Wrestling Club, which is run by his brother.