Role at MMG: Senior Solutions Architect

Eric’s professional passion:  “My biggest passion is developing solutions and writing code that will eventually help people focus more on what they’re passionate about,” Eric says.

What drew Eric to MMG: Eric worked with Mission Matters at a previous company and was an integral part of their development and delivery team. “Joining them felt like a natural fit,” Eric says.

Favorite part of his role: The people and the environment are the best part of MMG.

What drives Eric to serve nonprofits:  “At the end of the day I understand that the work I’m doing isn’t just helping another group of people to increase their profit margins,”  Eric says.

“I know that the solutions that I’m part of creating allows others to focus more on providing services that they are passionate about.”

Education and career highlights: Eric graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a B.S. in Computer Science.

Family: Almost all of Eric’s family live in California.  Eric says, “I have one older sister and about a billion cousins (give or take a few). I try to get home as often as I can to visit my parents so I can avoid the nagging “When are you coming home?”

“My biggest driving force will always be my parents. When I was younger I took for granted the time and effort they put into raising and providing for me. Now that I’m older and only very slightly wiser, I’ve come to appreciate the sacrifices they made more and more each day.”

Outside MMG: A lot of what I do outside of work varies from month to month, but a major staple throughout the year is always trying to hang out with friends and family,” Eric says, “Beyond that, I tend to consume a lot of media and tinkering with technology.”

Hidden talent: I have an uncanny ability to derail any conversation by going on multiple tangents.

Life Advice: “If I were to give a single piece of advice to anyone it would be to always negotiate for a corgi in anything that you do,” Eric says, “You might not always get it, but you can at least say you’ve tried your best.”