“What we do here is not about the technology. It’s about a shared purpose. Our clients come to understand that what we do for them isn’t just a project. We’re on a shared journey with a common goal. At the end of the day, it’s all about fulfilling their mission.”

Chuck Aranda launched his career at IBM. He held a variety of roles, from systems engineering and technical support to sales and marketing. Presented with a great opportunity, he continued on to Apple, where he had the opportunity to help spearhead the design and implementation of innovative market centers and manage a seven state district. “I was blessed to work with two of the premier computer companies of that time,” Chuck says.

What we do here is not about the technology. It’s about a shared purpose.

He departed Apple to launch a web-based learning management company, which he and his partners later sold to Maritz. After several years as a Vice President with Maritz, Chuck was craving a different way to apply his experience in technology.

As he prepared to take his next step, Chuck had a paradigm shift: “Instead of asking what I wanted to do, I started asking, what should I be doing?” When a friend asked if he would ever consider working for a nonprofit, that got Chuck thinking. “That led me down a completely different path. It changed my perspective on technology and how it can serve people.”

Chuck took a role with St. Patrick’s Center. Through his experiences with other nonprofits in that role,

I came to recognize the great gap in knowledge that exists in the nonprofit world with understanding how to effectively utilize technology and align it with mission. That was the genesis for starting Mission Matters Group.

Chuck, along with his son Josh, founded Mission Matters as an LC3 Social Enterprise. “We’re intentionally designed to do good in the world, and that’s why we exist.”

Today, Chuck serves as chairman of the board.  With a fleet of professionals serving mission-based organizations, the heart of Mission Matters Group has never been stronger. “Our whole focus has always been on understanding, measuring and improving impact.”