Role at MMG: Technical Project Manager

Amy’s professional passion:

Taking an idea from it’s infancy to reality is extremely rewarding to me. I enjoy the art of process improvement through technology. It can really be creative and fun, and when done correctly, the result is happy, more efficient users. I like being able to work with people and provide them with solutions that ultimately make their work days better.

What drew Amy to MMG: “The MMG culture aligns with my professional goals, personal aspirations and family life. The work is truly meaningful, and MMG values each employee as a person and encourages them to be passionate about all aspects of life – not just their job.”

Favorite part of her role: “The opportunity to use my skills to better a nonprofit organization is amazing. My job has the potential to have a positive, meaningful impact on groups that truly help society.”

What drives Amy: “My kids make me want to be my best self. I want them to be proud of the work I do – no matter what it is. I never want to feel like I didn’t do my best. I have to be a good example. They are always watching!”

Education and career highlights: “I am a graduate of Truman State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science. I was a co-owner and CFO for Quadrint, a St. Louis based company that supports agencies throughout the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and Department of Justice. I have worked in every aspect of application development: software selection, requirements, design, development, training, testing and system architecture.”

Family: “I have been married to my husband, Garrick, for 20 years. We have two sons – Zachary and Jacob.”

Outside MMG? “Most of my evenings and weekends are dominated by kids’ activies. I spend a great deal of time on the sidelines of soccer fields and in the bleachers at baseball diamonds – when I’m not driving to music lessons or Boy Scouts. Our boys are the top priority for Garrick and me. We both actively volunteer at their schools, in Scouting and as coaches.”

A cause Amy loves to support: “I’m having a hard time choosing a single cause. I love to jump in an help with anything that comes up. There are so many opportunities to give and do good in the world. One of my favorites is adopt-a-family at Christmas time. We find a way to do this every year – either through our church, scouts or just several families working together. It’s nice to be able to involve our whole family in helping a family that is in need during the giving season.”

Hidden talent: “I love event planning and photography – and I’m told that I do them pretty well so I guess they are talents, but perhaps not so hidden. Creating fun times and capturing smiling faces and precious moments in photos makes me happy. The expression you see on a child’s face when they walk into their birthday party and feel like the most special kid ever is priceless. I love to organize a party that has that effect. Whatever amount of work goes into it is always worth it to me. Then I want to remember those good feelings forever, so naturally photos must follow. Photos remind us of all the wonderful experiences and friendships in our lives!”