We believe communities thrive because of driven nonprofits and passionate people. Everything we do is driven by purpose. We formulate organizational and information technology strategies, employing our social service and systems expertise to strengthen nonprofits. Service is our calling and that’s how our team approaches strategy. We are proud of the solutions we implement, but more than anything we are proud to serve our amazing nonprofit clients and their missions.





As an  Organizational Solutions Consultant, you are responsible for developing strategic plans and helping to equip our incredible nonprofit clients with the tools and resources to achieve them. You are passionate about helping nonprofits and coalitions to build capacity so they can have a greater impact on their mission. You are skilled and experienced in leading vision and organizational health conversations with teams.  You are comfortable leading strategic conversations as well as independently drafting plans.  You understand the role technology, tools, and proven frameworks can play in helping teams to track progress towards their vision and collaborate along the way. 


Your Job Experience Includes:



  • Great Project Management Skills– you drive protect timelines and deliverables, helping diverse groups of stakeholders stay on track and understand the definition of success for each project you lead.
  • Ability to Build relationshipsYou’ll regularly partner with stakeholders. You have an ability to connect and build relationships with diverse communities. 
  • Leverage senior talent leadership experienceYou draw from previous experience leading complex organizational change efforts, including the ability to develop a clear vision and purposeful strategy to achieve ambitious goals. 
  • Cultivates innovation/creative problem solving– you can see new problems and bring solutions that keep projects moving forward. 
  • Model cross-cultural agility.  Authentic self-reflection, self- awareness, and high emotional intelligence are central to who you are, and you utilize these skills to shape a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion, that influences how you think about your work.  You have an adept cultural understanding of yourself and use your understanding of yourself and others to build trusting relationships.  
  • Lead with an asset-based and equity-centered approach.  You have a strong understanding and prior experience with equity-based, asset-oriented, and culturally responsive practices, and use them as foundational lenses of your leadership.  
  • Agility and Flexibility– The ability to learn on the fly, and adjust plans as needed.
  • Lives out our Values:  We are Called, Relentless Mental Discipline, Family First, Highly Authentic and Bold Compassion.

Your Day to Day



  • Lead clients through strategic planning engagements following our proven framework. 
  • Create project plans and timelines for strategic planning from kick-off to all the way to plan adoption 
  • Analyze leadership/organization health survey responses 
  • Review and synthesize historical work/documents from our clients as part of the discovery process.
  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders during the discovery process 
  • Write and contribute to strategic plan development for our clients  
  • Manage your day to ensure you have focused time to do things such as:  
  • Lead client meetings 
  • Draft strategic plans and organizational identity documents 
  • Develop client data scorecards 
  • Send follow-up emails and follow-ups in project management aps for needed action items with clients 
  • Optimize internal processes as prioritized by the org solutions team. 
  • Manage the balance of client facing tasks, billable asynchronous task and internal operational tasks 
  • Assist our clients navigate technology tools such as G-suite, Trello, and other project management tools 





  You are an experienced systems thinker You love seeing how plans, tools and resources helps nonprofits have more impact. 
You are service oriented. You are searching for an environment where you can leverage your skill set to contribute to a greater good.
  You are passionate. You care about a cause and believe that when a bunch of like-minded people work together, they truly can change the world.
  You are a lifelong learner. You ask questions and seek to truly understand. You develop your skill set based on professional needs and personal interests. Your desire to learn is driven by a commitment to constantly grow.
  You like thinking outside of the box, or even believe there is no box to think outside of. You want to join a team of creative problem solvers.
You think trust is a cornerstone to healthy relationships and partnerships. You want to join an organization that puts an extreme focus on being a tightknit, trusting team because healthy teams can make a big impact.





At MMG we strive to build a culture… not just a business. Your teammates strive to make MMG an awesome place to work.


Here is what you can expect from the team:




Commitment to living our core values

Having open and transparent dialogue

Looking at everything through the lens of mission

Honoring our families with balanced work lives




Flexible work environment

Travel less than 10% of your time

Scheduled team retrospectives coupled with a commitment to continuous improvement

Learning and cross training opportunities

Striving to align skill sets to people’s passion




Employer-sponsored family health coverage including dental and vision

Paid time off including a generous holiday schedule

Paid paternity and maternity leave

401k plan

Flexible work environment



 Salary Range- $65,000-$85,000, depending on qualifications

If you feel you are a great fit for this role and have the experience and passion we are looking for but the salary range doesn’t match your expectations, please reach out to us anyway.  We are a small growing company, and finding the right people is essential to achieving our vision.