BHR Leverages Impact Membership to build trust and execute

How We Helped BHR Save Lives

Behavioral health Response is all about saving lives. Anything that creates inefficiency or financial strain on the organization detracts from that objective. After having bad experiences with other Salesforce partners, BHR needed an organization that would listen, speak with candor and provide creative, scalable solutions that would help them save lives.  With a commitment to helping BHR, MMG recommended a unique approach to building trust and tackling the issues that stood in their way.  


After spending thousands of dollars upgrading all of their custom functionality from Classic to Lightning, BHR was experiencing all kinds of issues that were forcing them back to pen and paper. Post go-live, the BHR team had a huge list of lingering issues that were being addressed slowly and not holistically from their previous vendor. When one change was made, a new issue popped up.  

 Having 2 bad experiences along with a sub performing solution, BHR needed an organization that was committed to repairing organizational trust in their solution as well as in Salesforce partners.  

Approach / Solution

  • As opposed to getting into an expensive, very deep relationship, MMG proposed starting with their Impact Membership solution. A no contract, on demand approach that puts an emphasis on high value as opposed to locking a client in. 
  • As trust was establish and BHR experienced value and partnership, they transition to a more formal and robust engagement.
  • MMG’s team of specialists tackled issue by issue creating a more stable environment. They reviewed code, customizations and documentation to make sure they had a holistic understanding of the solution before they started making changes. They talked through considerations, risks and different solutions. They created alignment and understanding around how these solutions would impact them and set them up for success in the future. 
  • In order to rebuild trust in the solution, they started with the items that were impacting users on a day-to-day basis. By understanding their concerns and making small changes to streamline their day to day, they were able to give them back time and confidence in the solution.
  • As trust was built, the requests became larger and larger, BHR was going to migrate to a new phone provider and asked MMG to oversee the entire engagement and be responsible for the Salesforce customizations needed. The MMG project team worked hand and hand with BHR and Vonage to ensure timelines were realistic, functionality was stable, and users understood how this would impact their day to day. This resulted in one of the smoothest go lives they have had. 
  • There are still plenty of issues within the system but BHR knows they have a partner that will speak boldly and strategically into how best to address them. 


  • BHR has a true partner committed to helping them save lives. 
  • Successful migration to Vonage as their new phone system. One of the smoothest go-lives they have ever experienced
  • Decrease in instances when they had to revert back to pen and paper
  • Proactive testing and modifications for Salesforce releases. Historically had major outages/issues during Salesforce releases

“Over the years we have had a few negative experiences with other Salesforce vendors that left us in worst situation than we were already which has significantly impacted us financially. Working with MMG is a breath of fresh air. They are true to their name “Mission Matters”.

Amrit Maharaj, Director of IT

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