For Jeremy, his Mission Matters Group work is all about serving people.

Our culture is radically different. We focus on things that are people-driven, and we’re concerned with our clients on a human level. We genuinely want to be part of their lives.

Jeremy has always felt called to serve, and that thread has been woven throughout his professional background. He earned his undergraduate degree at Saint Louis University and his Master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame. Over the past 20 years, Jeremy has served a variety of nonprofits with the fundamental belief that when people work together sharing their innovation and expertise, communities can be changed for the better.

From being on staff, to volunteering, to strategic consulting and running projects, Jeremy’s nonprofit experience has lead him to the fundamental conviction that technology is meant to be at the service of mission. His passion drives him to find creative ways of helping nonprofits gain efficiency and insight. In 2013, Jeremy departed the education field to join his father and brother in running Mission Matters Group. Jeremy says. “I love what we do and who we serve here at MMG.”

As a Managing Partner, Jeremy’s focus is on partnering with nonprofits to create community impact.

My role is all about finding creative ways of helping our clients impact their community in deeper ways, and to tell the story of that impact in a way that’s demonstrable and concrete.

Jeremy and his wife Molly have five children — twin boys Jacob and Joseph, daughter Grace, son John Paul and their youngest, Mary (as well as a dog). Outside work, Jeremy enjoys activities with his family, from playing soccer to after dinner story time to rock climbing together. Jeremy is especially passionate about serving with his local church, Immaculate Conception, where he works with couples preparing for marriage and various other ministries.