Role at MMG: Marketing Coordinator

Tell us about your education: Gracie graduated from Salisbury University in May 2019. As a Communications Major with a track in Human Communications, her education is heavily rooted in how people interact with one another. “I originally wanted to go to law school. For me, understanding intercommunication was extremely intriguing. This field really can be applied to anything though.”

Tell us about your career before MMG: As a recent college graduate, Gracie chose to become a Fellow for Venture For America. VFA is a two-year fellowship for recent college graduates who want to work at a startup and create jobs in American cities. Their hope is that their Fellows go on to start their own companies. As a Fellow, she was able to attend VFA’s training camp where she learned invaluable start-up skills.

What drew you to MMG: Our mission and core values are what drew Gracie to join the team

I am the type of person who wants to leave this world better than how I found it. MMG is doing that every single day – it’s a perfect fit for me.

What are you most excited about at MMG: With an entrepreneurial spirit, Gracie is not only excited to learn how we grow nonprofits but to also understand how to run a successful business in general. Being young in her career, she is also eager to grow her marketing skills through her time at MMG.

What drives Gracie:

Knowing there is always room for improvement drives me. I continuously work to be the best I can be, while also helping my teammates reach their fullest potential. A successful company has teammates that work together – they bring each other up no matter what. That’s what we are all about here. 

Tell us about your family: Gracie comes from a rich family background in entrepreneurship. “My dad’s side has had multiple family businesses. When I was young, my dad, grandmother, and grandfather ran a printing company called Thermofast. I remember running around the printing plant as a little kid. I can still distinctly remember the layout, the machines, the sounds, and the smell. Before I was born, and for a short time thereafter, my mom owned her own franchise called Impressions On Hold. I love the idea of a family business and hope to one day start my own.”

Tell us about a cause you support: After joining Delta Gamma in college, Gracie is a big supporter of Service for Sight. “The visually impaired are an underserved population. When I first joined my sorority, I didn’t really have any connection to the philanthropy. As my time in the chapter passed, I learned that this disability affects so many people other than just the blind – it is really anyone who is visually impaired. I think of it in simpler terms: imagine you wear glasses or contacts and you didn’t have access to them. Your life wouldn’t be the same. Throughout college and even still, I am passionate about giving back to those in need.”

What do you like to do outside of MMG: Gracie loves to ski and snowboard! She also loves to spend time with her puppy, Harley, a Mini Goldendoodle.

What Hidden Talents do you have: “I used to do flying trapeze at sleep away camp (even though I am TERRIFIED of heights).”