Role at MMG: Client Advocate

Danny’s professional passion: “A lot of what drives me professionally has to do with being a parent,” Danny says. “I hope to do work that will make the world a better place for my son.”

I really believe that to make this world a truly better place, we need to put others before ourselves. Working for MMG gives me the opportunity to help those who are trying to help others.

What drew him to MMG: Danny saw the real potential and opportunity in his role. “The job was an opportunity for some great training and great skill-building,” he reflects. “MMG really understands the importance of family and creates a culture that walks the talk. It is a company that really cares about people.”

Favorite part of his role: As he serves MMG clients, Danny really enjoys working alongside his team. “My coworkers are all really good people and make it fun to go to work,” he says.

What drives Danny to serve nonprofits:

Offering help without just focusing on profit is something truly rare these days.

He says, “It’s worthwhile to help increase these organizations’ impact as much as possible, so they’re able to continue doing their valuable work.”

Education and career highlights: Danny served in the United States Navy for five years, then continued on to work for a sustainable energy company, where he assisted in designing and troubleshooting systems.

Outside MMG: Danny enjoys spending time with his family — especially jumping on the trampoline with his son. “He’s always happy to throw me around on that thing!” He also enjoys playing soccer and basketball, taking a hike and catching a movie.