Role at MMG: Client Support Specialist

Adam’s professional passion:

There are two challenges that nonprofits face that drive me: helping talented nonprofit professionals spend less time on the computer and more time with people they serve, and giving nonprofit leaders the analytical insights they need to make informed, strategic decisions. Addressing these involves thoughtful analysis of the human experience of the technology they are using, and connecting the dots between the insights that leaders need and the process that capture information.

What drew Adam to MMG: It was clear from my first meeting with the team that unlike other mostly technology-centered consultants, Mission Matters Group was passionate about lifting nonprofits to meet goals beyond their technology challenges.

Favorite part of his role:

I find the most joy through resolving pain points for nonprofit team members. Those very specific and nuanced issues that result in unnecessary stress or anxiety while trying to complete a task you do on a regular basis. They often take the form of “We always have to manually change this” or “so and so has her own external spreadsheet because the system doesn’t do what she needs.” I love solving those problems so that people can focus on their work without worrying about their technology.

What drives Adam to serve nonprofits: More than anything else, people are what drive me. Being around people with their own passion, drive, ideas, desire to collaborate, or even basic wish to share what they love in life with others gives me motivation to do the same.

Education and career highlights: After graduating from Mizzou, I stuck around to earn a graduate degree in granstmanship, studying and earning experience in grant writing for nonprofits and college research. My career in the nonprofit sector began with an opportunity in the AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer program. Many nonprofits take on capacity-building projects through this program, where young people serve for one year with a nonprofit that selects them, receiving a living stipend and education award in return for their volunteerism. In that year I was immersed in the fundraising world for a young, rapidly growing national nonprofit organization. I soon transitioned to the Salesforce Administrator, where I learned and worked with every branch of the organization, and top down from executives to volunteers. I joined Mission Matters Group near the end of 2018, and I’m excited to offer the insights I learned to the nonprofits we work with.

Family: I grew up here in St. Louis, Missouri. My family has always been a foundation of support throughout my life.

Outside MMG: In my free time, I enjoy bringing people together over board games and card games. It’s a great way to learn about each other and spend quality time together.

Hidden talent: My other hobby is improv comedy. I perform regularly with teams here in St. Louis. I call it a hidden talent though because – let’s be honest – it’s not for everyone!

A cause he loves:  I believe nutrition is extremely important. Access to fresh, diverse food sources and healthy food affordability are severe issues that do not always get the attention they deserve. Efforts like that from City Greens Market, a nonprofit grocery store who sells produce at-cost and survives based on income-based voluntary memberships, provide small-scale but vital solutions to the issue. Meanwhile, collaborations and coordination of services like that from the St. Louis Food Policy Coalition help address the issue across the region. Beyond nutrition, I’m excited to see more and more causes in different cities addressed by similar models of networked nonprofits and foundations.

Anything else?  The internet isn’t all bad: