Team Members

Service is our calling and that’s how we approach technology — with our eyes on your purpose. The team of experts at Mission
Matters Group put our strong expertise to work for your
organization. Get to know the people of MMG.
“What we do here is not about the technology. It’s about a shared purpose. Our clients come to u
“My parents taught me that if you approach things with love and compassion, you can make anything
"My role is all about finding creative ways of helping our clients impact their community in deeper
“Helping others and building relationships drives my professional passion,” says Christy. “I g
"Helping people is a driving force behind what I do. I feel like I can help my teammates every day a
"I really believe that to make this world a truly better place, we need to put others before ourselv
“Problem solving is one of my biggest professional passions,” Jason says. “In my first few mon
“When you can make a difference, you do — it doesn’t matter if it’s at work, at home or in t
“I know that the solutions that I’m part of creating allows others to focus more on providing se
"At MMG, our passion is to help people. It’s about improving the quality of life for all people. B
"More than anything else, people are what drive me. Being around people with their own passion, driv
"Being part of the MMG team is a very rewarding way to apply my skills and experience. The sky is th
"I love to jump in an help with anything that comes up. There are so many opportunities to give and